Quality woodworking and deep conversations(maybe not that deep) since 2023

Welcome to ourĀ  Shop

We are a family of contractors, creatives, almost engineers, and coffee addicts. Join us for online interactions and buy quality woodwork and crafts. Explore the site below (pardon our dad humor with the coffee themed adventure).

Best Beans (Brains & minds)

We try to implement a range of skills, talents, and techniques to create quality pieces.

Quality Milk (materials & Passion)

We take pride in our work and try to produce long lasting quality pieces.

Perfect Blend (old school & new)

We combine old and new techniques to create fun and interesting pieces.

Fresh Beans (Ideas)

The younger members of the family bring new and fresh ideas to the shop. While the older generations bring tried and true techniques and skills.

Great Coffee (creations)

Games, Clocks, Personalized Items and more. Check out some of our work.