Wooden Horse (CNC/Laser) – Downloadable Files


These downloadable files are for cutting out layers of a 3d horse that you will assemble by gluing together and then shaping the final product with a grinder & sander.
These beautiful Horses are strong enough to be used to make rocking horses, decorative pieces, or anything else you can imagine involving a 3d horse.

We have provided multiple file types including a VCarve file for Aspire/VCarve/VCarvePro.(you will still have to setup your own bits and tool path)

We are working on an assembly video, and instructions but feel free to reach out with any questions, and we would be happy to help.

Sizes Included (36″ & 18″):

  • Included files forĀ  36″ and 18″ Horses already laid out. If you use VCarve products, just set up the correct bit (we use a 1/4″ endmill) and recalculate the toolpaths.
  • If you want to create a rocking horse, you would need to scale all the necessary pieces from the 36″ version up to be 2X their current size.
  • Rocking horse size would utilize 3/4″ plywood


  • The 36″ Tall and the Mini Horses both can be cut on 3/8″ Plywood using a 1/4″ endmill.
  • You can scale the 36″ tall horse up (x2) to create an almost 4′ tall horse using 3/4″ Plywood
  • Although you can laser these, we do not have a recommended scale or material thickness for success (we only tried the laser route once, and made a short wide tank of a horse.)


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